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From workhorse equipment that's tried and true to cutting edge equipment. Not only do we have it, but we know how to use it properly. Odds are, if and when you have an unusual need, we can accommodate it. Our staff comes from the production industry and follows industry technology trends.

Travel Ready

Locally, regionally, and even internationally, we are at your service. Our local market includes sparsely populated areas and unexpected winter travel conditions. We are equipped for traveling to both distant and difficult to reach places, any time of the year.

Office Staff

Our office is open 9:30AM-5:00PM (Pacific) Monday through Friday. We commit to most reservation inquiries in the first phone call. Our staffing model has allowed us to accommodate better than 98% of all requested reservations. After hours contact information (on our voicemail) is provided for immediate and urgent assistance if required.

Support Services

Post production, equipment rental, technical support, and conference rooms are all available with a staff that cares and understands the needs of both you and your clients. Our office staff is even available for document production, copying, and/or shredding, as needed.


We value the partnerships we have with court reporters throughout the region and work closely with them even when we are working for different clients on the same projects. If and when you need help getting a certified court reporter and your search has not produced the results you desire, give us a call. We can dig a little deeper.

Reasonable Rates

OLV maintains competitive rates that are at or below common market values (in fact, there are no travel fees throughout the Rogue Valley). We have strong partnerships with firms throughout the nation with both law firms and court reporting agencies. Estimates are freely given and no hidden costs are ever added at the time of billing.